Two introverted designers collide in a very unsuspecting print shop. Over the years, the girls fueled their days with crafty repurposing projects for themselves only. A very drab workspace would grow to be cheerful and fun. While simultaneously, the girls would grow to be the best of friends. The girls give 110% percent to their creative passion and their friendship. With quirky courage, the girls extend their world to yours with their creations in their Etsy store, The Girls Get Creative.

If you don’t hear from us anytime soon, we are probably elbows deep in paper and fabric. If this is the case, please send coffee!

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Gmabear2 on Apr 12, 2018
5 out of 5 stars
I had ordered a jar of Assorted Beads before, and the Grangirlie Loved them! Sooo…HAD to order more! 🙂 This batch is even MORE exciting..full of variety too! I plan to give them to her this weekend, This Shop is Great, and the Sellers are Awesome..items are wrapped with care, and are all they say they are. Will buy from again! 🙂

Assorted Jar of Beads