Rag Winnie the Pooh Quilt

I would like to share with you a podcast I made about rag quilting. It is just an informational podcast sharing the basics and some tips for rag quilting. I hope you enjoy!



This is the quilt put together before clipping the hems.


This is the finished quilt having been washed once.


And one that shows the back.

Let me know what you think!

Thanks! 🙂


Piecing my Quilt

My mom and I decided to make a quilt together. We live 8 hours away and this sounded like a fun project to help keep us connected.

We chose a pattern and we each chose a layer cake that we thought was perfect for the pattern. During our trips to visit each other, we have cut our pieces together, laid out our block, and have sewn most rows while we were together.

We are now at the point where we have sandwiched our quilts and all that is left is quilting them! Each of us are a little hesitant about how to quilt them, so I think we are each waiting on the other to start…

I will keep you posted 😉